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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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mr. o'brien. >> commissioners thank you very much what on exciting conversation already on this tactic thanks the the examiner my day was wrecked with you it's thrilling to be here in the bayview with my serving. i actually on that hill i have a butterfly that is now an earning disregard butterfly. the bayview has been pulled into the recovery plan it's troiblgd to a hilltop the department pulls in a non-native san franciscan butterfly to our
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habitat. most of our butterflies didn't choose the neighborhoods they sort of pulled up. i want to also role - i want you to imagine opening day at the before i do new building we cut the ribbon and we pat ourselves on the back by releasing 90 squirrels in the community we release maybe 40 bats have them fly off and the important part of those stories are role your laughter and our chortle. that's why we're here because we're talking about a group of kraefrpz we don't think is a big deal we don't consider butterflies wildlife.
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they're prettyness has turned them into actual lips we've gotten bloind and objective if i had those creatures their wifi they're not party favors at the circus. i'm thrilled to be in the society where we've looked for a place to turn the tied we used to kindly things and put them into ladies hats. maybe this isn't the way to treat wildlife. this insane fad of raelts butterflies the multiple million dollar destroy i'm proud to be a self-control that we might take the baby steps we have a lot of
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work we have to change mind even though sets. what did you do with someone who says what's the big deal. the only people who think it's a good idea is the people who mangle money. it takes advantage of gullably nature. we all sides a butterfly and say wow. we don't see this is this as pollution. we have a history of doing the wrong thing but san franciscans have the forefront of new thought. we have to slowly turn the tied. i survey this monarchs. i was the one that spit my
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dinner out carols the room when they realties 57 hundred anyone intooshgz the county. so all the data had to be thrown out. the entire state of washington because of the butterfly community has not seen the money arc. it doesn't acknowledging it in weird placed they're showing up in weird places >> i have to say you have to summarize for us. >> yeah. i'll be front side i'm thrilled to be part of a group that would consider this.
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>> (clapping) >> fantastic. >> good afternoon. i'm with golden gate austin bond and a resident. golden gate austin bone is in san francisco that was established in sporting by adversity and managing remaining nature resources. the practice of releasing commercially arbitrations butterflies violates those it unnecessarily harms nature butterflies by interrogating invasive butterflies with disease. it cuffs the nature butterflies making management for identifiable and inhumanely
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treats butterflies as promotes for deblg ration. i enjoy seeing the butterflies on pier 94 and here in the park so i support in legislation >> (clapping) members of the public seeing none, public comment is closed. like we said sxhois has led this i support her. we've endeavored to try to see where we stand. i'll read this. the thought is we clearly want to read into the record for enforcing the effort to ban the
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commercially raised help me sxhois butterflies within the city and county a to insure the board support we want to certainly authorizes the department to engage the scientific community and members of the public to support those effort and build the strong coalition going forward to make this happen. sxhois >> yes i'll read the proposed changes. right now there is no that only one resolve clause to delete from that clause and to be
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approved by the board of supervisors that doesn't mean we don't want it it leaves it open to the staff to figure out the best way to do it. we want the other stakeholder and members of the public to support those effort and that be the end of it >> so if there's. >> so unless there's discussion then, i would simply move we agreement the resolution as commission and i had. >> commissioner king any
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discussion. >> take a vote and a yes first vote on the amendment all l all in favor, say i. and can i get a motion to approve the resolution and moderate to approval the resolution as amended? >> i move the resolution as amended and a moved and seconded. >> all in favor, say i. thank you, everyone (clapping) all right. we may have just enough time to hear about our carbon fund recommendations and to approve the environment commission for san francisco department projects in our packet is a request for a draft
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proposal and senior environmentalists specialities and discussion and action item. >> since we're short open time i want to sort of introduce i i know the commissioners know a lot about this project but the public doesn't know about the san francisco carbon fund we've been moving this and she's done an extraordinary amount of work she'll do a quick introduction. >> i want to say like shawn is the hero the development of environment i like her so much. we'll make it belief thank you shawn and commissioners thank you so much who waited for all
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this time. i want to let you all know this is really compliment action those projects are going to be addressing many of the promises and even butterflies and reducing carbon e medications. 2 1/2 years ago we came up with the action strategy. we horde from the community help us take care of the spaces we live in help us take care of the green spades that will help us mitigate climate change and so i'm pleased to we're going to introduce the next round of the carbon fund to you all with that in mind it's climate action on the ground.
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i want to thank ma link between her and shawn we've gotten this program up and running i'm so excited to see those projects move forward. thank you for your time >> o so i don't have my glasses on. yes. i want to thank malin. so i can - didn't you've heard it all night economy, equality and environment. once again all those projects are sequestering conscious and 3450ig9 carbons their own to have increase that walk ability and providing food foyer people and all things jeffrey
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beautifully articulated. argue just to go over the grantees the asian week foundations for that hunter point. this a big one the floater 4rer789 he gateway high school and bay street neighborhood watch and other. those are fabulous projects there's so many people involved so we present them to you. i know from a community you can look at the resolution and look at the description of the project i have it right here. that's what we're presenting do you have any questions and also a lot of the greets are here >> had you fabulous they are. >> will the fabulous grantees
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stand up. >> great you, you know, you're there. (clapping.) so do you have questions. >> commissioner stephenson. >> can you door-to-door one the programs. one of the programs is the main street neighborhood watch at the a mate and may street so they're to believe planting huge trees and this group they've come together and worked in the area for a while. it will mitigate water and shield the boulevard from the noise from the neighborhood. so their description i actually
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cut-and-paste it off the grant proposals they'll plant shubz on garbage strewn land. so, i mean that's you you know the co- benefits of community and walk ability and habitat restoration ail those things. that's one of the projects but all the projects can be described that way. i know some have been in the process for awhile. so we choose those demographic do i have things with the funding. >> other questions. >> i wanted to competence my
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thanks and appreciation to staff for it 0 are all the orchestra or work over the years the initial idea to have multiple benefits and also work from everybody be and shawn. if you looked at the requests form and if you're familiar with the very diligent process and scoring and interviews it was an awful lot of work >> we're out of time but i want to say one other thing the carbon fund is something the environment commission worked on whatever or wherever the city employees travel the department that paid for that airfare has
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to cover an additional 13 percent for the air travel. that's where the conscious fund come from. one of the thipgdz that happened we started off with 2 the house will come to order hundred thousand dollars and another committee wanted to mitigate the colts and put in another if thousand dollars. we've we're hoping others b will at that particular time >> is this a one-time grant. >> we'll continue to collect the money from the city. >> and most projects are completed within one year. >> that's the way it was put together this year we wanted the bulk to be done in one year it's
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about carbon and we have to continue to monitor that. we'll figure out that one but there will be nor funding >> hopefully, the grantees will be back. >> yeah. they'd love to come back and sit another couple of hours. >> thanks commissioners. >> for me i've happy to be here i'm frustrated. i i know myself and a lot of u.s.s. have the feedback that's hard to to work to we want to engage
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>> we did they said take it back. so i'm curious i know we have 5 hundred k >> we had 25 and someone involved more. >> we had half of half a million dollars in requests. >> right. >> so we had twice as many requests as funding available. just curious is there any process on the next round.
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i can just i'll explain the rfp process >> i know are the steps we've taken we've talked about at the commission meeting two months ago there were things i think your director agree there's another process. >> we have some city perimeters for what we have to do. and our fees match the fountains that other government agencies process. it's actually capacity building if you write a proposal that goes to rfp you can shop it so we are going to try to a simulate this as public fund. we have to be transparent so would love our feedback, you
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know, you can change this and that >> but nothing tangible to look at. >> i think what the other departments will take to our ceo's and have a survey on what's working and not working. >> when can we expect that survey to happen. >> probably not until february. >> we did have an internal meeting with shawn and david and others to do an assessment of reilly take into account how to engage community groups and the internal process. so we have some documents that came out of that meeting.
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here's the business process with how we manage money. we look at that and say is that staff or community members where is it we can improve that process >> can we do the survey in january. >> we probably will not been able to do it in january. i am thinking mid february we want it to be a good process >> yeah. let's do this i know it's not you i've been saying this for months i'm really serious i think it's great what you guys are doing but to get the feedback this is great this is a community friendly process we can propose stuff that is happening on the ground and not have the challenges.
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i'm saying january because one person is saying a lot >> we'll come up with a plan. >> all right. the other if thousand folks are scoring inform more than they can get and we're able to bump up the amount of money to fund 9 projects. we had this additional funding at the last minute >> so everything we have is being dispersed it's going out the door. >> yes. >> everything we allocate in the spend it's going out the door. there's money that comes into
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the fund every quarter and that money will be pulled until the next rounded up and then we'll put it back out again >> that's good you guys are doing good we're on the ground and we say get engaged get engaged and they say we're doing this we can't articulate this one the confines of our fees we can change that and for us who are role the community driven folks. >> josh i want to address that one thing that's been channeling many the world the carbon is that the things that are laid out for the folks are impossible for them. nobody could follow the
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portfolio we're excited to hear from people do you understand this and things. but i want you to know this represents a huge go progress for the carbon folks to get money out and no other city has done this because of the difficulty of portfolio on the ground. that's because of the executive order that newsom signed >> that's within a defined market and the portfolio that is defined so switching that to modify offsets is a switch that allows us to open up the field and loss the rfp process to be more effective. this is only one step in a direction of trying to make this
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money assessable. when that roll were we talking about trying to fix the plan >> the department was up to them to demonstrate how the money is spent. >> what about changes that would create important community delineate processes and change the technicality and we go to mayor ed lee and say how about combruptd the executive order. >> yes. >> any other thoughts arrest already thanks just been thinking about this. we've got public comment before
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we get kicked out. >> it's an action item. >> i want to say thank you this is the first time in via years i've been going to meeting i've ever heard anyone get up and speak about someone in the community that's been and the. that's the first time i want to say thank you because of - well, i'm saying you made the report and i'm saying i've never heard anyone mention al main when i was with that go up and the carbon thing you was talking about highway 280 is over there. nobody ever cared about what of the happening in the public
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housing in al made thank you so much for saying that (clapping.) i'd like to this is we have those wonderful grantees and i'm very thankful we've talked about this quite a bit to make sure our groents show up for the awards. i want to thank you once again ms. roman rose for taking that to heart and asking those folks to show up. with that, being said i know want to move the item and the motion to support the item >> been move forward and 1k9d any motion 80 to approve the grantees. any other discussion? >> i'm sorry was there any other public comment. all right.
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all in favor, say i. and moving forward. motion approved. thanks everyone (clapping.) you know, there's still about 50 or 60 folks here this is one of the things we've learning from we're losing our room but who knew there would be this level of interest. who's in charge if we can hear one last thing as we procedurally continue everything >> colleagues, can we get a motion to continue items 11, 12, 13, fourteen, 15, 16 which would leave us with 17 future agenda. can i get that motion to
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continue >> i move to accept that motion to continue items 11 through 16. i'll second it >> all right. motion been made and continue 11 to 16 city attorney are we in order all in favor, say i. >> all right. folks we're on 17 this is new business this will be the last item of the night. this is a quick up to this point to go through commissioners or directors talk about the tack a ways. who wants to start. >> well, a couple of rammed items the director's report there was a mention there the


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